"Knuckle Sandwich"

The new single from the forthcoming album, "All The Way This. All The Way That." on color red records.

All The Way This. All The Way That.


Pre-Order Album on Vinyl Now, on Color Red Records. This is the first Freekbass album to ever be released on vinyl!

Featuring Eddie Roberts from New Mastersounds, Sammi Garett from Turkuaz, Rico Lewis, Sky White, Reilly Comisar, Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall, Mista Swift, Adryon de Leon and the late, Razor Sharp Johnson.

All The Way This. Mixed and Produce by Eddie Roberts of Color Red Records. Recorded at Color Red Studios in Denver, CO.

All The Way That. Produced and Co-written by Itaal Shur with additional production by the Freeksquad. Recorded in Cincinnati, OH. Mixed by Eber Pinheiro in Brooklyn, NY.

Mastered by Doug Krebs.

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Fre3KroNomoKon is a signature track that has the feeling and persona of Freekbass: Respecting the legacy of the Funk, while including the sonics of the future. Freekbass worked on a groove with a drummer he used to tour with, and the heaviness of it seemed to dictate a new creation. He then connected with Lonnie Marshall, who has worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Macy Gray, and they banged out lyric ideas along Bevis Griffin. Finally Grammy Award winner Itaal Shur came in and produced the track to bring it to fruition. Vernon Reid/ Living Colour heard the track and had this cool quote: "Freekbass is simultaneously a Look Forward, and a Glance Back."
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  1. Fre3KroNomoKon

Everybody's Feelin' Real


Produced and engineered by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Studios
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    Rise 3:39
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    Go Up 2:50
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    John 0:47
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    Fly 2:26
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