Body Over Mind: CD
  • Body Over Mind: CD
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"Body Over Mind" has the funky stank of P-Funk all over it -- the legendary Bootsy Collins exec-produces -- but it's presented through a contemporary filter, taking modern Hip Hop and R&B into its clutches and making it dance with the old school. Mind is similar to the outer space groove explorations of acclaimed Hip Hop duo Outkast, who, like Freekbass, show a healthy respect for the forefathers but who are also are more than willing to experiment and stretch the bounds of groove. -Mike Breen, City Beat

Mission / Body Over Mind / Sense of Anxiety / Connect / Freekbass 2YK / Baby Baby / Thang / Do What You Gotta Do / Peppermint Leather / She's Already There / Silver 17

Released 2001

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